LMP1/ Le Mans issues


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Jan 1, 2019
I searched the forum but did not find the answer.If there was a thread for it then shame on me.

I am driving a little AC lately and have some problems.
I noticed the times for LMP1H at Le Mans 2017 track are very slow, as well for me as well for AI at 100%.
I saw a video on YT with a time of ca. 3:25 or so.
I am getting about 3:35 for AI but my own best time is 3:42....
And it is not that I am so bad that it is just me. I am no ace at all but not that bad.
I know the track itself is slow (i.e. sharper chicanes) It is based on a LM 2012 track form RF/GTR2 as far as I know, which I tried in those games but I was easilly getting about 3:24 in LMP1 then.

In AC there is 0% chance for flat out Porsche curves

Next part of the problem is that amount of Hybrid boost is not enough for the whole lap, that is just AC problem AFAIK and can not be changed but still it is very slow.

But as poor as 3:35 from AI here proves that I got (or there is) something wrong.

What setup do you use for TS040/ R18 ? Are there any crucial things there?

BTW the LM 2013 from SA Jones in GTR2/RF was closer to RL IMHO in terms of accuracy and looked better on those old games. Still, LM 2017 in AC looks very, very good.

BTW2 The sound, especially of the Toyota engine is not great at all.
Sounds like it is not made from samples of real engine for sure.
R3E and even GTR2 is a lot better in this department.

Thank you for any help.


Nov 7, 2013
Kunos LMP1s are quite a bit down on power versus what the real life outputs would have been, so there's that. Additionally, the track's quite inaccurate and there are other parts of the physics of the LMPs that are inaccurate as well.