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Laguna Sega track limits problem/bug.

Connor Caple

Slowest Racer in Town...
Nov 24, 2009
I was racing online at Seca in a Cruze (shocked?) earlier and got a track cutting warning on the exit of the second right hander when I had two wheels very much still on the track.

I can make a video (and probably will) but the picture below which I shared to my R3E page is the furthest the car was 'off track' and, as you can see, it still has two whole wheels very much inside the white lines.

I know some of these things need to be tidied up @Jay Ekkel , as @Andi Goodwin and I have discussed them before, but can the 'track limits' testing not simply be recoded to check if the wheels are over the white lines, like in real racing? :O_o:

EDIT - Added a video:
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