Hi, aparently alot of drivers suffered lag in the ws race today.. 2 of our drivers suffered nick and scott

Was just wondering if anyone else is etc ? i dont want lagg tommorow again getting fed up with it now ruins the racing etc..
well, in WC all was good. Server was brilliant. Don't know if it was in WT, but it certainly improved from Saturday to Sunday.
wc yesterday was ok.. some points it was quite bad but very raceable i had no issues when racing with all the cars, there was no lagg then !
I haven't had any lag while battling so far this year, I did notice people disappearing on the timing bar on the bottom of the screen though.
Obviosly the lagg yesterday was much worse than ithought..

Seems some replays show no contact between cars.. where as on my replay and my game i recieves damage from a contact..

This now is getting silly and needs sorting.. you cant plan a strategy in your race cos you look at the gaps and they dont exist due to the lagg.. cars dissapearing all tinme etc on timing bar... its now at the point where it needs looking at.
Possibly so Atze. It was comprimising those behind cause the car would either go back, side to side, disappear completely.
I had some lagg issues aswell but I think that was mostly on my side as I was the only one to disconnect but yea on the map at the bottom it they would dissapear and come back..
WS was good for me after the first Q-disco. FP and first Q-attempt was laggy but I spent most of the race running in proximity to other drivers and didn't notice anything odd during the race. Trackbar was working, not much warping or cars disappearing and reappearing.
Indeed Ondrej... at first i did worry that it was just me again with crappy internet.. but i did a test straight after he race.. and im on 5.2mbp/s and grade a for ping test... ping of 40 and 0 % packet loss..

Its deffinatly the server or something to do with it.. it realy needs sorting now as last race was absolutley terrible... it was unraceable in the early laps.. im going to make a video of my lap 1 to show you what i had....
I have to say, starting at the back of the field I kinda had a good overview (sadly, lol), and for me in terms of lag it was actually the best race so far, I had nothing at all.

If you have lag with Canapino or Disley that's normal due to their locations, but what you describe is worse than it should be, but it's not the server. It doesn't matter if your internet speed is normal, because you measure that to probably somewhere in England close to your location, which is irrelevant. What matters is the connection performance to abroad. And it is a known issue the UK or parts of it has rather weak connections in this regard. That's what I was told from several sources.

It's easy to say "things need sorting" but I have to say that is a bit of a naive statement, because I guess neither you or us can do something big about it.
what i fail to understand though is how its been perfect.. all season until a few races ago :\

Yes the uk is ****e as are most places in the world at the moment..

if it had been like this from race 1 yes but at the moment it was so bad last race it makes you want to stop racing.. i dont want to pay for that kind of racing. as i was 'lucky' to survive lap 1 and 2 last race.. the people who suffer know its not your fault hence why i said things need sorting... not you need to sort it.. its not fsr's fault nor mine.. just wish i could get to bottom of it.. but all i can say is the amount of people who suffer from it are not just UK based.. its worldwide now... which is more of a concern.. plus onerace it can be good next its bad... this makes no sense..

Silverstone was ok.. raceable but here if you see the video i will make you will be like... oh my god... and i realy mean that.. you would not believe the lagg... i had to take avoiding action off the start line on launch control LOL..
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