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KML Import Data format

Mar 26, 2009
Perhaps I am just totally missing something here, but I've Imported a kml. To find it's elevation data scaled in some way. The data in my kml is Long, Lat, elevation (meters). All elevation data was added to the kml by passing through http://www.nearby.org.uk/elevation-kml.php. I thought maybe it was interpreting as ft then converting, but that doesn't seem correct. Please don't tell me BTB is expecting Long, Lat, HOE. If that is the unfortunate case, does anyone know of a easy way to convert?

Also any plans to support Jemba generated kml (color coded) Like this:



I've imported KML data which I added height info to via that site and it was as good as expected. I.e. it jumps in 10m steps which I then had to smooth manually. Height data is no where near as high a resolution as lat long hence it may look 'wrong'

What is your exact issue though?
Mar 26, 2009
Well I found part of the issue: BTB's Y-coord is the elevation, and at 3am one fails to understand that. :)

Example from filled kml (http://www.nearby.org.uk/elevation-kml.php):
-71.22955071882329,44.28930537754023,4760 (start)
-71.30317976735717,44.2701009365921,18980 (finish)

Hillclimb starts @ just above 1500 ft (~476m), ends @ over 6000ft(~1828.8m).

It looks like the elevation numbers in my filled kml are really close to 10x what they should be, but when I stripped that trailing 0 (dividing by 10), I get a giant Hill I can barely make it up, followed by a death drop that promptly destroys the car. Without dividing by 10 BTB crashes.What I just found is that this page:
gives far better output.

Just make sure to click add SRTM data (from best) and it fills your elevations nicely.

The question I did have was: What format should the imported kml coords be in? But that is now answered.

In my nicely converted file things are listed in meters and "clampToGround"

I think I've got the answers I needed now.

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