Keyboard & XBOX one controller setup

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by safehands25, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. safehands25


    Just noticed that I am unable to use my Xbone controller and keyboard together. I am unable to assign these 2 together so that i can use them together in game. I remember i able to use them before. Like about last week i realize i unable to use them.

    Is there an update or changes that makes it unable to use them together? Ingame the profile indicated that it can detect my keyboard and controller but when i want to assign a key from keyboard nothing happens when i press a key on my keyboard. No problem on my controller though.

    Anybody have the same prob as me or are there a fix around this?
  2. Erik Springelkamp

    Erik Springelkamp

    There was a recent thread on the Xbox one controller on the raceroom forum.

    I think the recipe was to delete all bindings from the profile, so it could be recognised as a new device, but you should read that thread for the details. It is less than a week old.
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