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F1 2013 Keeping Up at Monaco

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)


Okay, is anyone else struggling to keep up with the AI at Monaco on especially on Legend?
Because they're insanely quick.

I've moved it down to expert... still way too quick.
Then down to pro... still too quick.
Then down to medium... still too quick!!

So i tried editing the track_difficulties in the database, and I have currently set the AI on legend to 0.32 (It was originally 1.0) and finally they're a good match.

It's really weird, every other track, I can compete on legend AI, but not Monaco. They just pull away and set blistering lap times... quite frankly, pretty unrealistic lap times.

Vettel set a 1:16.xxx 3 laps into a 100% distance GP... I'll just let that sink in.
A 1:16!!!

The fastest lap in real life this year was a 1:16.577 by Vettel... on lap 77. Not lap 3. lol.
Anyone else struggling?
Well I am not the best driver and I drove a Lotus in Career Mode on Professional, but I timed just a test for you on the second lap in Monaco a 1:14:4xx, with traffic on P 5 and I didnt had problems to catch up.


100% distance?

For the record, i can keep up with them on Legend, but the rate that they go, my tyres are finished after like 12 laps.

It just seems way too quick. Unless the AI are planning on stopping like 6 times. lol
Nah, I'm using Gabbynarus tyre wear and it was just a 3 Lap GP. Career on 25% was also around 1:14-1:13 times mostly (until I crashed my front wing a little and lost performance which ended at 1:16~)
i think that AI is extremely fast when they have Super Soft tyres. Im also pretty sure thats something wrong happens in monaco this year, BUT it has actual a good feeling for racing at monaco (1 level down) because everytime someone is behind you :) and also its very easy for you to make a mistake.

So "on topic" YES AI is harder this year but i think with extensive trainning you (and we) will race them easily.

sorry for my english...