WIP Kai Tak GT Circuit WIP


My project since August 2009...

The premise is based upon the idea that a race circuit was built on the grounds of the old Kai Tak Airport here in Hong Kong.

Much still to do. But it is getting there.

Thanks to everyone at Race Department Forum and No Grip for the BTB support!


Wooo I've been looking forward to this, having been in HK some years ago. I actually had the same basic idea at one point ;)

..But you may want to change your upload method / file format to Youtube Kohnboy, I can hardly make out anything from the footage at the moment.
One tip though: since it's fictious anyway, minimise the use of guardwalls and catchfencing if you can - spoils the view of the scenery in general and makes all tracks feel like you're racing through some lifeless, never-changing tunnel. (A lot of modern BTB tracks suffer from this one - hope yours will be different :cool: )


My apologies if it did not come across well. Was using my iPhone! Looks great on it.... I do not have a proper program for making a video and then uploading it- just wanted to get something posted to share with friends abroad.

There are signifcant areas of the circuit that are wide open- lined with palm trees and minimal billboards- but I found if I went to the exact width of the landing strip that it stretched the tarmac/road, distorted the AI, etc....

So the run down the main landing strip has been narrowed somewhat by a divider midway down (which will create some interesting alternative layouts later).

Also having lived here in HKG for 5 years they put walls and guardrails around everything... so in a way it is a bit realistic.

The 2 main straights are on the main portion of KT which juts out into Victoria Harbor- the landing strip proper and the service road. The the right hander which leads onto the bridge section brings the track back onto the mainland (towards the cntrs in the video).

Then there is a run down the narrow service road back into an open section, the hairpins and the esses. Coming out of the esses back onto the main straight/landing strip was something I really wanted to be dramatic- from tight and narrow back out into a wide 2km blast out into the harbor.

My list of things to complete...
- Load Screen
- Start Lights
- Backround from Google Earth
- Shadows
- Pits/Safety Car
- Fule Consumption
- Fans in the stands
- Animated Marshalls
- Braking Boards (50, 100, 150)
- Starting positions
- Perhaps address the distortion of the track surface on the main straight
- Cameras
- Marbles offline?
- Sun position

Much to do!
But I am enjoying it and it is a fun Le Mans/GT track.
In F1 cars it is a bit too fast and then tight in some spots.... good fun though.


Forgot to add- my office overlooks Kai Tak. Funny the things you think about while in a long conference call....


With regard to capturing video, Fraps should do the trick. I can't make out on the video if there's a view of the city and the HK surrounding hills, hope there is ;) Another tip perhaps, don't go overboard with adding all kinds of details in the pit area which you don't see while racing anyway, a lot of tracks have this and it drags the FPS way down. Hope it helps, lemme know when you need a beta tester. Regards, R
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