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Just Curious


Matt Alpeter

I was just curious as to what times you guys are running and how I compare..so I paid attention to my lap times at Anderstorp this afternoon. I've always driven the BMW because that was just the first car I chose and I stuck with it...today my fastest lap in it was a 1:39:7 in quali. Out of curiosity I switched to the Seat and in my very first lap ever with the car..including a full tank.. I banged out a 1:38:3.

So with a lighter tank I could probably drop it into the mid 1:37 range..what times are you guys getting?

Chris Standring

Ive been going off the hotlap listings as a rough guide, found it helpfull while i build myself up >> http://timing.racedepartment.com/

Also downloading time attacks ingame can be very very helpfull when your trying to pick up some extra pace and cant see where your going wrong.

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Don't let those times spook you too much.
Some of he top drivers here are real aliens and much quicker than the average.
Also, those are hotlap times done on a server set up for the absolute best lap under favourable conditions.
With fuel, damage, and in practice mode, even their times come down a bit.

Matt Alpeter

Spook me? No way!! I'm incredibly happy! I've only been racing Evo for about a month and GTR2 a month before that. And on my very first lap in a car I've never driven with a full tank of gas I was only 2 seconds off the fastest lap recorded! ...now I just have to learn to be consistent and not fly off the track the next lap lol


I started out trying to emulate the hotlaps listings and found them quite detrimental. It made me rush things and psychologically it shattered my confidence causing my lap times to suffer (too much, too soon?). Now I find I improve much faster by taking things slower, - one step at a time. Even though I still can't manage those alien lap times I find practicing much more enjoyable and beneficial now. (I could honestly plod around Nordschleife driving miss Daisy for hours and not get bored.)
BTW, from where does that term 'alien' originate anyway? I'd never heard it before I came here.

Matt Alpeter

alien? I'm sure you've heard of it...aliens are generally "far greater" creatures from outer space. He said it meaning that there are a few incredibly talented drivers and they are so unique they are like aliens...or not human..

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