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GTR2 Just a little Help to create a new ATH/HUD for GTR2 in Triple Screen

Hi Guys ! I have the chance to be able to play on gtr2 with a triple screen.
I am in 3X4k '11520 x 2160' using a GForce1070Ti and it works fine.
I am using the 'GTR2 UI MOD' by DucFreak which makes it more clear, readable as my picture is stretched.
While driving it is stretched too and i use the XD, i desativate the ATH/HUD and i use the minimalHUD.
Anyway i am not totally satisfied and i would like to create my own ATH for the 3X4k resolution.
Following some topics i understood that to make new ATH i need 'geditor', 'DDS Converter 2', 'Gimp' and then working on the file 'STEX.GTR',
'UIAssets.GTR' and creating 'FNTHMOTL.TGA', 'FNTHMOTS.TGA', 'MOTECHUD.dds'... i tried it and all is fine it works.
But what i would really like to do it is to Moove the numbers from the menu of ATH located on the top and bottom sides, right & left.
To be more clear all the numbers from normal ATH like 'position' ; 'car ahead', ... 'lap'; 'best time'... ; 'the speed' ;... 'fuel' ..etc
they are located on my right and left screen and i would like to move it on my center screen (and reduce them too but for this i have ideas to make it).
Unfortunately i did not find which file to modify for move these numbers.
Maybe i need to modify a file using 3DSimEd or maybe it is not possible to move these numbers, i don't know...
I'm aware that what I am asking for is complicated but maybe someone, who know well all the differents files of GTR2, could direct me to this or that file so that I can skip this step and finally make my Dream HUD.
Thanks for your help
Use Steam version of Gtr2.exe and install Simhub.
You might even get a good result with the old NoCD version using Simhub but a few things will not work.
This will not fix the menu just the HUD
The menus gets scaled to 800 x 600 pixels regardless you screen(s) resolution.
You will be in for a huge job to rewrite the gtr2ui.mnu file scale all horizontal values and resize textures


I asked to DucFreak and David Wright many years ago and their answers were the same : NO you can't as GTR2 HUD position is written in GTR2.EXE

You can try FazerBox GID which is a much nicer HUD but you need to spend some time to configure this plugin
'Bjarne Hansen', 'GTR233' Thank you very much for your answers.
To Bjarne Hansen : About an external hud i thought about it in last possibilty if i don't find any other option. Thanks for the advise of 'Simhub'. About gtr2ui.mnu i had already taken a quick look of all the stuffs inside and after 15min i gave up thinking it was just about things to adjust and change in the game menu but not ingame.
To GTR233 : i thought about it that it can be in the gtr2.exe and that i needed to use something like hex editor but unfortunately i don't have the skills to do this. Anyway i am reassure about your answer and that you already tried to do it.
About FazerBox GID i tried it too as i was using it on Rfactor and it was the perfect HUD as it is very configurable. I made a try with different versions also the last version 1.1.5 but i did not find how to make it works. I also tried with rfDynHUD and without success on GTR2.
FazerBox GID would be the best choice and it will be great to know if it is possible to make it works on GTR2 and how. I will probably create a new topic about GID.
Thanks again for your help guys.
You just hex edit the d3d9.dll from GID.
So it replaces one of the X.exe with Gtr2.exe.
Trackmap doesn't work but everything else does.
I can't get rfDynHud to work ether but even on rf1 and AMS it can be a problem
Thanks a lot Bjarne.
I will make a try and do the procedure like you said.
I Read your topic about the gtr2 Plugins, i learnt a lot.
Thanks again
After 1h30 to try i give up. I was confident because the procedure seems easy but i did not make it work.
I downloaded the gid patched for AMS you mentioned on the other post.
I extracted it and put it in my folder GTR2.
I used HxD Hex Editor, opened the d3d9.dll, searched for 'ams.exe', i found 6 'ams.exe' and not 4 as you mentioned in the other post.
I replaced 'ams.exe' with 'gtr2.exe' , i did it 6 times for the 6 'ams.exe'. I made 'save all' then 'save as'.
Open GTR2, go to a race, start to drive, click 'Alt+Space, 'Ctrl+Space', ... other combination but nothing.
I made the procedure again with Hex trying to write GTR2 in lowercase and uppercase, i tried with another version of GID, i tried other different things... After 1h30 of test no sucess.
Did you make it work ? If yes could you upload the d3d9.dll that you patched for GTR2 so i could download it and make a try with your file?
I really need help to make it work. Thanks in advance.