Ivar Kalamees joins Precision Motorsports

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    The final acquistion to Precision Motorsports for the 2013 Season is the World Series vice champion and World Championship race winner Ivar Kalamees. He has signed a one year deal for the World Championship.

    Ivar had a very good start in FSR as the World Trophy vice champion in 2011 and being the strongest challenger for Jack Keithley fighting for the World Series title ending the season as vice champion. But having his highlight of the season with his first World Championship race win in Korea and a great battle with Bono Huis in Abu Dhabi, where he finished in 2nd place.

    Ivar has built a solid foundation in terms of driving skills and now it is time to make another step and challenge for the top spots of the World Championship in 2013.

    The team has caught up with Ivar to ask him a couple of questions about the recent transfer.

    Despite your young age you had an impressive career in FSR so far including several World Championship starts and even 1 victory in Korea. How long have you been simracing on a competitive level and how did you find your way into FSR?
    I joined an Estonian league F1CEL at the end of 2009, that is what I mark as the beginning of my simracing career. During 2010 I gained valuable experience in the league and became a frontrunner. I already had an eye on FSR at the at the start of 2010, due to Rasmus' (Tali) and Raino's (Rõõm) doings in the league. In the middle of the year I first joined Ash Racing for a brief moment and later DHR as a test driver. After the test driver role in 2010, I got a WT driver role in GTO's sister team Team Printworks and that is where it all started for me in FSR.

    After spending some time with the team, what are your first impressions?
    The first weeks have been great. I have learned the main concept of the team and it is very impressive. The professionalism in the team is admireable and I very much enjoy this atmosphere. Everything in the team is well thought through which makes the team work great as a whole. The team is also very sociable and gets on very well which for me is very important.

    What do you expect from joining Precision Motorsports in the future?
    I am expecting to develop into a more complete driver. I have already learned and changed quite a bit in just these two weeks that I have been with the team and I am sure this trend will continue. I am very much looking forward to the start of the next season already to start working with the team even more closely and improve further.

    Team owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
    "Ivar is currently probably one of the most talented simracers out there. He has shown great pace and consistency during his first 2 seasons in FSR and ending both seasons as vice champion definitely is atestament of his talent. It will be great to see how he can develop his skills as a driver even further."

    Team manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "Ivar has caught our attention from the first race of the 2012 season with unexpectedly strong pace and he managed not only keep that up, but also improve dramatically. At the end of the season he was a challenger for podiums in the world championship. Naturally at such a young age there is a great potential in him that can be extracted and that is what we will try to do. Bono joined us at similar age, so it will be exciting to see Ivar's development."

    Precision Motorsports Press
    Official Press Release
    written by Ondrej Kuncman
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  2. Jonathan Holmes

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    Nice, good luck to Ivar! Hopefully he can be welcomed back into my fantasy team for 2013 ;)
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    Hey Ivar I wish you all the best and good luck! I will follow your career! Looking forward to see you winning again :) Your biggest fan :)
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