iRacing TV Episode 9 now available on YouTube

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Kevin Watts

    iRacing has posted iRacing TV Episode 9 on their YouTube channel . They start off with news on the new build of iRacing which among many things brings a lot of new features to hosted racing. They will be increasing the grid spots on a number of tracks in iRacing giving race admins more flexibility. Racers will also be able to pick their own numbers in a hosted session; this will be a first come first served basis though they hope to allow admins to set this to individual drivers in future. This will be a feature we will offer to RD iRacers for future events.

    iRacing has improved the flexibility of hosted sessions by offering 2,4 and 6 hour slots with a new pricing model. Sessions will now cost $0.50 an hour which means the old $3 4 hour slot now only costs $2. As well as the new price iRacing will also offer a discount of 25% if you book 4 sessions in a month. Another great feature for league admins will be the ability to book sessions in advance that will automatically start at the desired time and date. These sessions can be booked up to a whole year in advance. The hosted sessions will also be housed under a new micro site in future.

    Achievements seem to be all the rage in gaming these days on the XBOX, Playstation and Steam platforms and iRacing has developed its own system with awards for completing tasks as mundane as painting your car or helmet or completing 100,000 laps! Other awards include safe driving awards and one many iRacers will be happy about - an RTFM award if you read the sporting code.

    iRacing was at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this year. They had a very impressive full motion cockpit supplied by Simcraft. The cockpit looked very impressive and there wasn't any noticeable lag from what the simulation was doing to what the motion cockpit was providing in feedback to the driver. Sean Macdonald the founder of Simcraft gave a good explanation of the engineering behind the motion cockpit so that segment is well worth a look.

    The presenters also gave a good overview of the F keys information windows or 'black boxes' as they are known. These boxes are invaluable to iRacers and it’s surprising to hear so many racers don't understand how they work or what they can do for a driver. I'd recommend that segment to all our iRacers here at RD. The iRacing presenters also sat down with NASCAR driver Landon Cassill and he discussed his 'career' in sim racing and the benefits he gets from iRacing. The show wraps up with some footage of NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Tony Stewart turning some laps in the Sprint Cup car, Williams F1 car and Indycar.

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