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  1. Steven Poirier

    Steven Poirier

    Probably funny to know who really are our member, so you can tell more about yourself here!

    So i Start

    Name: Steven Poirier

    Age: 28 yrs

    Where: Saint-Raymond, Quebec, Canada

    Jobs: Soldier in Canadian Army since 2003, two mission done

    - Afghanistan, Kandahar march 2009 to september 2009 ( got 20 death canadian during i was there :( and many many injuries :( )

    - Haiti, Port-au-Prince January 2010 to March 2010 when the earthquake happen

    Personnal Life: I really like racing sport, specially Formula 1. I own my own Karting, a CRG 2009 on Road Rebel frame, Rotax has a engine. Im also a big fan of ice hockey.

    This is my car ;)


    I have a girl Maeva, she have 1 yrs
  2. Morten Wernersen

    Morten Wernersen