Interested how you compare to FSR Drivers in a fun accesible format? FR 3.5 is it read on

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
RD hosts the Formula Renault 3.5 league within its World Series by Renault umbrella.
The format of the round is:
Race 1 45 mins
Race 2 reverse grid 40 mins.
Rather than some mod with the usual questions about accuracy-physics etc :( the car is the ISI officially licensed 2010 Formula Renault 3.5. :thumbsup:With near F1 performance its the stepping stone that was used by Daniel Ricciardo, Kevin Magnussen and many others to reach F1.
The great thing about this series In real life is that unlike F1 all cars are identical so the true talents show through.
In RD Formula Renault 3.5 league the same can be said.

I have recently graduated from Xbox and wanted to race the best drivers I could.
On our grid are two current FSR Championship drivers Dino Paolini :cool:and Matt Sentell :cool:as well as one or two FSR Pro drivers. :D and several other regular race winning club drivers. If I can stay unlapped in a 45 min race its like a win for me:thumbsdown:.
The atmosphere is friendly and the driving standards very high.

Race 2 is always awesome as the fastest drivers have to find a way around you. Holding them off for 20 mins or so is mega.
In the process I have met great people, improved prob 4 sec a lap on my first round pace and keep learning. (its packers and diff lock at the moment if you are wondering).

Last night I battled in the midfield for many laps before slipping back to P7 (of 7)

Why am I posting this?
Because last round we had 7 drivers. We can run 20 plus. There is room for more and the more the merrier. Plus admins who kindly offer their time would prefer to help 20 drivers run a championship rather than 7.
Its a case of use it or lose it and without this league its seems it would be historics or Formula Sim Racing.

If we can grow this we have the launch of the 2014 spec car to then look forward to for next season.

If you are interested get on the server for a practice.
If you started the season but got distracted we would welcome you back:)
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