In-Game Opponent Manager

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by thatmotorfreak, May 1, 2016.

  1. thatmotorfreak


    It's probably too far into development to implement this into AMS, but maybe Reiza could hopefully take notes for their future game.

    I've noticed that Papyrus NASCAR Racing games have this menu that I wish ISI-based titles also had. You could toggle what cars show up during race weekends, directly edit AI driver details and talent ratings (something rF2 already has), and save rosters.

    This way you could easily pick what cars you want to see on field and not have to remove drivers you don't want from the teams folders externally. You also don't have to externally edit the talent files either and run back to the game to check for any changes either.

    This should work well with modding too. Someone can make a base mod and everyone else can make their own skin and talent packs for it along with a pre-configured roster file.

    Not sure if this would warrant a total re-write of the engine, but I think it would really help a lot.
  2. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    You could technically do this already with a bit of work put in where you make a new class for every round of a championship. Granted this would only work in single race.
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