Improved smoothness

Terry Rock

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Oct 24, 2009
I just accidentally stumbled on a massive AC gameplay improvement.
During my Oculus Rift black screen fiasco two weeks back, I ordered a Displayport to HDMI adapter.
That was done to allow switching from the in-use HDMI output I was actively using to DP...(for signal verification to the headset).
(My GTX1080Ti uses two HDMI, two DP and one DVI port)
Ultimately, that signal switch did not cure the black screen issue.
What cured that was full removal of all Oculus and Nvidia software...followed by a complete reinstall.
Yesterday...just 'playing' around I decided to use the DP to HDMI adapter to signal the monitor, while leaving the Rift on native HDMI.
The smoothness and image quality during playback immediately 'went through the roof' and I don't know why.
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