IMPORTANT! Please read before joining the server!

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    Just a little headsup to you all.

    In line with current improvements made to the club racing, we have another feature enabled on the GT server for rfactor2. Basicaly, this is the current situation.

    During the day, there is a server online called RACEDEPARTMENT.COM Practic. This server has the same track, car and settings as the event server, only it runs in a testday mode. This means a 30 hour session, and no options for a race session.

    At 18:58 GMT, this server is taken down AUTOMATICALLY! and without giving any notice. It just disappears, and you are disconnected when you are logged in.
    Within a minute or 2 after this server is shutdown, the offical event server will come up. Please join this server to participate in the event.

    Once the event is over, the server will go to a practice session again, so you can keep doing some runs with your friends online. However, at 21:58 GMT, the server will go down again. Again, this is done automatically, and withou notice. After 2 minutes, the RACEDEPARTMENT.COM Practic will be up again.

    We are currently testing this to make sure it works flawlessly. Please report any findings you have in this thread.

    With this action, we hope to eliminate the human errors in going to the race modes, and we ensure the server will run the same event during the whole week.

    Last, as there is no need for voting anymore, we have eliminated the option to vote. This will mean that we will supply the track with a default RealRoad, to compensate for the fact that you can not add AI.
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