Important information about tyre wear indicator

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dyrgl, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Agreed. I'm fed up of all the little bugs. The MP damage bug is another that really bothers me. This game could be so much better. It could be the best simcade racer ever made if only they fix these annoying bugs.
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  3. hotak


    A quote from Ben Collins

    "I’ve always been surprised with what a tyre will put up with. It’s a very gradual decline in grip but not at the expense of stability and again I think we shouldn’t go too far with this as a handling feature because you hardly notice it in RL. It’s so subtle – the steering is just a hint lighter and the tail is a little free on power until you tear through the cords and puncture the carcass!

    When I’m being sensitive I’m listening / feeling for the rumble in the rear end that tells me the tyre block is gone and I’m wearing onto the chords, failing that the squeal of metal from inside! It’s only at this very late stage that you see a noticeable reduction in grip and it’s probably 10 seconds prior to the tyre exploding."

    So they didn't get it totally wrong, i think they've just gone a little too conservative on the wear indicator, but loosing all grip in few laps should be spot on.

    Also you may see better laptimes as the race goes on because the track gets rubbered in.
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  4. Dan Allen

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    Thank you! You have confirmed my suspicions (it's why I started that god awful thread a while back). I also remember going the GT3 race at Road America without changing my tyres for th entire race and I managed to get a 3rd position from it, now I deen this vid, it makes sense why!
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