I'm shocked about AI

by FAR the reason I don't startup AC very often is the AI. There is much to like in AC but in "most" cases AI is not one of them.

Radu Oros

There are bad examples of the AI and there are good examples of AI. Here are some good ones:

Yes there are several problems with certain cars on certain tracks, and also other general intelligence/awareness problems, but I posted those videos above so that you see both ends of the spectrum, not just the flaws, but also the part where you can actually race against them.

Probably we will get more AI improvements with v1.3, especially if they are trying to push single player pitstops in the following months.
After trying latest update with another AI "improvements" I actually don't believe Kunos will ever sort it out. Amount of stupidity done by AI controlled cars is depressing. Maybe they need to start from scratch or maybe they can see how this will eventually work but I can't.


Maybe the game needs some code to improve player awareness, so many complaints about AI where the player cuts the AI off and then indignantly "he hit me!". Or player brakes 100m later than car in front and "oh it's his fault I rear ended him". Or player tries to 3 wide, 4 wide into Monza T1. "I have to pass now because I can't keep up later because my aero's all damaged"

If you park your car on the track at Eau Rouge, the AI doesn't understand because race drivers never do that. The AI isn't going to understand every stupid move the player does. Of course the player or AI can cause a 20 car pileup offline; it happens often enough online too.

Clearly there's room for improvements of AI, for example when they go side by side they go to complete opposite sides of the track (very noticeable on Vallelunga starts cause track boundaries are slightly wrong), but I haven't yet seen a video where player was blame free and AI screwed them up.

I'm a bit curious if the same people would experience the same problems in other games, and they just never bother to record them cause they're more interested in insulting AC...
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Radu Oros

You just have a crazy vendetta against AC if you hate the AI. You're probably associat0r under a different name.
Account made on the same day as his/hers only one message ever posted on RD forums, and to "talk" about AC's AI by posting a video made by hexagramme.. I think that answers any type of conspiracy suspicion.

I think even the AC devs can agree the AI is still not that favorable to race in certain situations. And in other situations you can also have a good enough race.

But the problem is that some people will 'advertise' every issue AC has in all types of forums week after week. That shows clear hate against AC and at the same time fear against it because of its current success and future potential. Their purpose is to try to make AC look bad and then promote [unspoken game we shall not mention in these realms].
AC is seen by them as the biggest competition to [...], because they never mention anything bad about other pc racing sims, only about AC. If AC is the most flawed and worst sim ever, how come people are all spread in various racing sims, and most importantly, not all in that same sim that by some is considered the greatest, [the one we shall not mention].


Yes, AI sometimes behave stupidly, and it will be subject to further improvements in the next builds.
What is stupid beyond comprehension is the hate and the time some users (always the same two making fake subscriptions) dedicate to AC.
I mean, you hate so much this game, nothing wrong with it, then a not much stupid person would just leave it and dedicate its precious time in other sims, definitely not spam the forum full of hatred.
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
Albert Einstein​


A bit supisious .....its not new news that AC AI needs improvement..if you've just heard about AC and Just bought it....fair enough.
If not AC has been out for a while, and while the AI is still not great the most important thing is there has been signs of improvement with the updates....
Talking bout old news when progress is on the way is a bit suspicious...


I wonder if there's a kind of Talents file in AC ... nothing visible in the game files, but they might be hidden somewhere in a kn5 file.

Most sims have such folder and files ... here... nothing or hidden.

If all AI drivers have exactly the same driving skill, mood, caracter etc ... no wonder there will be problems between AIs first in which, of course, the human driver may become an innocent victim.
Not excluded of course the human driver may sometimes be the cause of the crash on track. :D

AI is not easy to build correctly and we must not forget .... AI is a 1st time for Kunos.


I wonder if there's a kind of Talents file in AC ... nothing visible in the game files, but they might be hidden somewhere in a kn5 file.
Not at the moment, now that Stefano's got more solid code in place for how AI behaves he's thinking of adding that sort of thing to give more individual behaviors.

Though obviously since hexagramme's such a huge fan of AC that he knows everything the devs are working on and where the problems are, you should listen to him.


look at those features - you cant get them in other games at all. Why play crappy other games like RF2?
I have a feeling they were set up under specific circumstances to perform that.
Now I cant say AI is bad as I havent had an issue yet - yes they can get a little bumpy but then I have cut in front at times. Also other people's experiences may vary.


Well, the AI is bad, no need to deny that and also no need to jump in the defences for Kunos.
Assetto Corsa is a full price racing sim and therefore AI shouldn't be as bad as it is.
I like many others don't use AC for offline races for that exact reason.

Kunos will have to put lots of effort in their AI.
But i hope they focus on MP first, because that's what i'm interested in.
For offline races i got GSCE :)


Not at the moment, now that Stefano's got more solid code in place for how AI behaves he's thinking of adding that sort of thing to give more individual behaviors.
That might only make things better.
Thanks for your answer, Stereo :thumbsup:.... I'm too busy to follow everything that Stefano announces. ;)

NB: even though I'm much more interested in MP also as league admin. :laugh:
So far I have not seen showstopper issues with the AI, even I do not race them that much, preffer to drive MP.

Still, Kunos is working on fixing/improving the sim. Pitty on you guys do not enjoy this sim. Best driving experience for me.


Ok, I'm sorry but based on these video's, I see bad driving on the part of the live user. If you're approaching a car quickly, common sense should tell you to slow down. If a car is trying to re-enter the race and you keep driving in his direction instead of taking offensive measures to avoid him, tha'ts your fault, not the AI. I mean what do you guys want? I'd rather have AI that is a bit unpredictable than to all drive a train line around the track.
I will admit there are some situations in ANY GAME where the AI will be erractic but I also know when a collision is my fault vs the AI struggling in that particular situation. Not having a triple screen setup, there are times when I cut off the AI and they aren't always able to slow down enough before hitting me...that's all on me. The flip side is when I get rear ended while braking for a tight turn or chicane, say t1 at Monza or t2 at Red Bull ring. A lot of times when I get rear ended, it's because I broke way too early or too much. I look at those occasions as learning opportunities to get faster.
At the end of the day, it's AI. No AI is going to be able to perfectly anticipate the movements of a real person. Hell, run some races in Iracing or any multi player sim and tell me that those drivers are head and shoulders above AI. Unless you're in top split in Iracing where the truly fast and experienced people race, I can tell you that their are just as many "what the hell" moments going on, just look at any replay vids on YouTube.
Every racing book or article that I've read all talk about track awareness and learning your opponents. Even when I run with the AI, I sit back and try and learn where they are braking and what line they are taking, just as I would with a live person. I have found that with most AI's, you will see a pattern if you sit behind them for a few laps. After that, you can then plan your attack....just like you would a live person. And I try to always be prepared for the AI losing control of it's car....just like i would, racing a live person (situational awareness).
I think some people need to have more realistic expectations from sims/AI. There's a big difference between virtual and reality...just like there is a difference between pro and rookie.
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