I'm new and I need some advice!



Hello, newb here! :)

Not sure where in the forum to post this, so if this is the wrong place, I apologise. I've just finished setting up my Home Theatre PC, running Ubuntu and XP, so that I get the best of both worlds for MythTV, BluRay and Gaming. I'm a keen trackday enthusiast, and am currently building a new track weapon (watch this space.... :D)

Anyhow, in the past I've used games to get some initial familiarity with the circuits before I go there, a long time ago, I used TOCA2, and in more recent times, Forza / PGR / GT.

I'm looking for something for the PC, which has UK and international "real" circuits on it, but that isn't too much of a simulation and has more of an arcade feel to it. Nothing compares to the real thing, but I found Gran Tourismo invaluable when preparing for the ring, as there's at least some familiarity with what's round the next bend.

I've had a tinker with a few (infact I already own a copy of GTL), and so far have tried GTL, LFS and rFactor.

I've found that they all suffer from the frustration of having to use a mouse to navigate the menus (minor, I know, but annoying!). I found LFS to be the easiest to jump into and have instant car control, but was dissapointed to read that it is limited on "real" circuits, and that there's no 'ring. No 'ring - no go :no:

So, what are other people's ideas / suggestions? I know it's difficult to really get a feel for how good a game is with demos and short usage at that, so I'm hoping someone else out there has some good suggestions :)

I've downloaded Race07 demo, and will have a go with that today



Ah, yes, someone else had mentioned GTR Evolution, but I hadn't realised it was an add on for Race07. Had a blast on race o7 this morning at it ticked a lot of boxes :)

Downloading GTR Evo now.... :thumbs:

Ross Balfour

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Feb 25, 2008
GTR EVo is a must, it had the most realistic cars, tracks and details of all the sims available. Theere are alot quite a lot of British Tracks you can download.