Hyundai Lantra super touring

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  1. Markano97


    hello i will start learning how to make skins via a tutorial from this site and i was thinking about creating a hyundai lantra super touring skin based on the body of another car.Do i need to ask for perimission?Im a newbie so please help me.I currently have the templates
  2. Björn

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    well, I know neither the car/mod nor its template. Usually, however, it will be hard if not impossible to just "fork" an existing skin unless its provided with the original graphics (psd/pdn file or similar) because the dds files skins usually get distributed as are already flattened and "baked", i.e. shading, parts and various other things have been applied and merged onto one graphic layer.
    If you were to import such an image, you would be unable to change colors easily or remove sponsor logos from non-solid backgrounds - among other things. To answer your actual question, though - yes, you should definitely ask for permission if you plan on doing so :)

    Now, a more practical approach would be to create a new skin from the templates and use the existing one as an inspiration/guideline - that way, you'll be able to do what you want without much hassle and its "your" work. Depending on how close you stay to the original, you might want to give the author a headsup for this one as well, though ;)