how to Start with a Nissan Nismo GT3???

hi guys,
i use the Fanatec Elite Pedals and unmount my clutch because i drive normaly only GT3 cars and dont use a clutch.
all cars working fine at the start if i give full trottle and when lights off i put in 1st gear. maybe they spin a bit but i can start well.
but not with the Nissan....... if i am full on throtle and put in first my RPM goes down to almost null and comeback slowly. i loose 15 Positions at the start to keepup speed.
Any tips what to do or how to handle without reinstall my clutch??

Thanks 4 helping me



Do you have auto-clutch on in the assists? That might help doing a better start.
You could also deactivate the traction control for the start and quickly put it back to your normal value when shifting into 2nd gear.
Also a small tip, don't floor the throttle before launch. You only need a little to reach redline, and after that any more throttle causes ignition cuts that drops the boost (at worst it drops power to like 2/3 of maximum). Floor it only as you shift into first.