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How to merge tracks in Sketchup?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by tiger5181125, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. tiger5181125


    I have a city track with alot of different roads crossing eachother and im having a hard time merging the intersections without flickers and stuff. I checked out some of the videos on merging but they are way too time consuming for me to do with about 20 intersections. What i did was exported all of my roads to google sketchup.. To do this i had to change the textures because it wouldnt load with dds textures. The merging went much quicker and smoother for me.....but....
    when i exported it as a 3ds and converted the textures back to dds it seems to have lost some of the quality for some reason?? I changed the mip map and bias back to -4 , put the road bump and spec map in but when i zoom in all the way on the road I can't see the road texture up ahead as well as i could before exporting and importing it back. why would it loose quality like this? So then i put the original textures back on the mesh instead of the ones that i put in sketchup and it still looked lower quality. the tags and the textures and lod are all the same as b4 i edited it but its different.. Im not really sure what to try next , any suggestions?? all that i want is the mesh that i edited in sketchup for merging back with the original high quality road textures
  2. martinez


    I think you stretch texture too much in Sketchup and it happens then. Remember how works Material Change in BTB - unless you change it, by default it is 12 meters, so BTB repeats the pattern according to that. Maybe your junctions are longer? Look at the picture please, I tried to show the aspect there - the light white square indicates the juction, the red sections are BTB's Material Change, orange dotted line shows where the texture should repeat... Because it could visually break the pattern, a compromise for me would be to hipotetically divide the square in the middle and tighten both sides a little...
    I'm thinking of such technique too, but in 3d Max, where Unwrap UWV works much better.

    Remember also that you will not be able to place any objects directly on the junction since it's not a road or ground anymore. It could be annoying to place objects at the side, uncheck "Rest on The Ground" and move them... Then if you accidentally check Rest on Ground again, they would go to the hell ;)

    There is another way how to make juctions like that - if you make some road and include roadsides in it, you can just paint another texture with the picture of a junction and apply it in the place. I don't have any picture right now, but I will try to make one soon.

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