Physics how to increase the slipstream effect of a car?

Hi together,

is there a possibility to increase the slipstream effect of a car, without changing its "solo" behavior?

I have a car which drives nice, but has nearly no slipstream effect.

If i am behind a car, lower 0,3s, the speed nearly did not increase (maybe 1km/h) and i can not get closer to the other car (same car as mine, tested with a friend online).

I know other cars, that have a much greater effect, but with data comparison, i did not find the clue where to change / modify :(
this maybe a reason, but the values are not so low, they are on Kunos GT3 niveau. (in wings app)

150km/h - 90
200km/h - 170
250km/h - 260

And if i raise this drag, i would need much more power to get the same speed (or nearly the same as now)
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I don't... all I know is that it's hardcoded, it's not something modders can control in the ini files, so it's sort of beyond the scope of what I think about. :)

Sounds like that's not the case, if it's a Kunos car it's almost certainly "right" - meaning, accurate or not, it should at least be on par with other similar cars. Those numbers look fine at a glance.
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