How to host a multiplayer game?

Hello could anybody tell me about hosting a multiplayer game ? If I start a multiplayer game does it appear on the server list and can anybody join it?
That is not a silly question andrew,

anyway what you should do is open the gameports to host racing which ports are in the mannual in the back.
When you host a race you will see that in the server lobby and others can join.
There is a change that your ports are already open.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
He is talking about allowing access through your router for the game. Thi info is in the back of your manual. You will also need the manual for your router and the password for it to set this.

Eric Estes

Speaking of having the ports open - mine are open and checked, but I still get a ping 5000 from inside the house (running a dedicated server on its own PC). Could someone tell me what my ping from outside is? TIA

EE_Servertestxx (where xx is the test number, currently 10)

Eric Estes

Thanks Dave.

Andy - I'll help you out more as soon as I've got this figured out. There are ports to open in your router and in some modems (My Zyxel DSL requires some forwarding to be done). There are some for the game (see the official site) and for Steam (likewise). will give you step by step instructions for your hardware. Lots of info here in the forums as well.

Now if only I can get pings allowed all the way in, I'll be set (ports are open but...)
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