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How to customise dash cam view

I was trying to figure out how to get the cockpit view - without all the G force movement. Some mods have terrioble view positions and i dont really like the whole G force moevemnt

digging around i found lots of bits of info and worked out this method - hope it helps

Change Dash Cam View

In CM go to Content/Cars and select the vehicle you wish to update the dash cam view on

you need to access the folder - you can do this by clicking on the folder button on the left hand side at the bottom of the window below the car preview pic

you need that data folder to get to the ini files to edit them.

in some mods it is present - in others you will have a data.acd file which is kind of unreadalbe (binary file type)

If you have a data.acd instead of the folder - go back to the content page and in the options in the lower right hand corner at the bottom of the window below the car preview pic , you will see an unpack button. click that and you will access the data folder

this will unpack your ACD file into the data folder we need - see video link. not my video but shows how to unpack and ACD and re-pack it once you have modified the ini files


Once you have access to your data file open the car.ini.

to get the view coordinates of the cockpit view scroll down to the line that says [GRAPHICS]

you are looking for the Drivers eys line and a set of coordinates

will read like "DRIVEREYES=-0.339196,0.628365,-0.559367" - Cockpit Cam

Copy the coordinates only (all characters after the = sign)

like so "-0.339196,0.628365,-0.559367"

Go back to the data folder, and open the dash_cam.ini file and replace the coordinates in that file behind the word POS= with those you just copied from the car.ini file.

save the dash_cam.ini, file and close the folders or repack the ACD as per the video.

go back to CM and hit drive. select your dash cam view by either your bound button to scroll through camera views or by F1

you should see the view has changed to that of the cockpit view - but will not have the random environment and G force movement.

you can fine tune the view by following the process and entering your own values for each co-ordinate set

DRIVEREYES= -0.339196 (1st number),0.628365 (2nd number) ,-0.559367 (3rd number)
First number - (left and right higher equals right, lower equals left)
Second Number (Up and down higher equals up, lower equals Down) ,
Third number (Back and Forward higher equals forward, lower equals back)
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