How I navigate iRacing UI and join practice and race with voice commands only

Peter Reginald

Mar 30, 2018
Hey folks, today I demonstrated how I join my favourite practice or race sessions using only my voice.

As a VR racer and streamer I absolutely hate using my keyboard and mouse so I have created a bunch of voice commands to make my life a whole lot easier.

I've also included time index in the description of the video so you can skip to the relevant parts of the video.

Voice Command Index
0:48 Launch the UI
1:24 View the 'Up Next' page
1:27 View the 'Current Series' page
1:32 Search for a series: Mazda, BMW, IMSA, VRS Endurance & Sprint...
2:09 Select a series
2:25 Filter a session: race or practice
2:39 Register for a session
3:00 Withdraw from a registered session
3:58 Join a registered session
5:25 Leave iRacing and return to UI

If you're interested in getting your hands my VoiceAttack profile then in a couple of days time I will release an alpha version that contains all these commands to RD's Download resource section.

See you on the track