How far do you wanna go?


Bert Van Waes

There has been an interview in France it seems with Kazunori Yamauchi that missed the headlines a bit. It's about he telling us, the GT racers to come back to him with the answer to the question: "how far do you want damage to go? as this is only the first release off it..."

OMG!!! We can all put our thoughts in i think somewhere on GTplanet or i don't know. But he is actually going to listen to us and change the damage to our desires in further updates... That must mean all the other stuff for GT5 is done and they (the GT5 crew) can throw themselves to only this part of modelling and physics...

Check it out.:)


The GT Formula

Aug 25, 2009
That's pretty cool if they're going to listen to the fans this time around.
One thing that was always missing from the GT games was damage.

I'm looking forward to this game but haven't yet been able to have too many decent races online due to the amount of idiots you find playing this game...

Bert Van Waes

Indeed, me too :d

burnout style, but keep it realistic. If you know what i mean... If enough people on the planet say this, he will do it!...


Feb 3, 2009
If it's up to us, then why not give us contol of it with a slider? :)

I'd hoped this game was basically done, but if they're going to act on feedback then it's still some way off.

Kevin Watts

Jun 28, 2008
Lol, nice one Kevin :p
The game is done I'd say, just polishing and producing.
Yeah Polyphony never dissapoint when they launch a new version of GT. I'd prefer to see the game polished than released in a broken state like some games have been. Its nice to see a developer engaging their fans in discussion and not sitting silently when people are calling out for bugs to be fixed.

Bert Van Waes

Yeah i think it's done too. The question about damage is just for future updates, like prologue got some updates too...
I just hope it won't take them long, we'll see. :)