How am I doing at Melbourne?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by McGraw, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. McGraw



    On the 2nd race of my Expert career with all aids off and I'm in the Lotus.

    My times in 1st practice were about 1:32 and are now about 1:33 in P3. I've not done a full fuel load yet as I had to go out mid P3.

    I reckon that although there is a bit of time to lose, I'm getting near the edge of what I'm capable of at the moment (360 MS Wheel). It's putting me in 20th at the moment in practice.

    Am I doing ok, I can't decide?

  2. Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas

    pretty good yeah the car that you are in at the moment? i am driving with force india and can get my melbourne times to 1:30 but could go faster if i really pushed it but they are fairly solid times too
  3. Ryan Vickery

    Ryan Vickery

    Make sure you brake early on the first corner, down to 4th gear, and cut the corner (a very small ammount, or you will get penalty/warning/invalidated) so you can power straight out without losing speed. There are 3 corners like that on the track, if you can take them all in roughly the same way you will make up a lot of time.
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