Honda HF2620 Repsol

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Original poster
Nov 7, 2015
shadow118 submitted a new resource:

Honda HF2620 Repsol - Repsol livery for the Honda Mower

Wanted to make a livery for this thing and figured a Repsol livery would make sense (this being a Honda and all). I think this is my first Repsol livery :D
Since pretty much all the Repsol liveries I could find were different from one another, this is just a mixture of them made to fit a lawnmower.
One little detail I added was I put an instruction label on the fire extinguisher, which makes it look a bit more like a fire extinguisher instead of just some random red cylinder...
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Ben Dovah

Jan 19, 2015
I always liked the Repsol livery on pretty much anything. When I saw this I couldn't help myself.
I had to merge it with my rusty mower skin.

Let me know if you want a copy and I'll PM it to you (I won't be uploading this anywhere).