HistorX cars, listed by class, with power to weight and torque to weight figures

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Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Thanks to @Stuart Thomson for this list of all the cars in the HistorX mod V1.96
He has listed the cars in classes and has provided figures for max power/revs, max torque/revs, power to weight ratios and power to torque ratios for each.
Note: There are 3 cars which have a darker colour across their data line. These are individual cars which have unexplained different specs to the other cars of that particular model.

This is a great resource and will help when choosing a car for online racing.
Thanks again Stuart. :notworthy:

GTTC A0.png

GTTC - A1.jpg

GTTC A2.png

GTTC A3.png

GTTC A4.png



GTTC B2.png

Proto A1.png

Proto A2.png
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