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Hirvonen back with M-Sport in 2014

“It really feels as though I am coming home,” said Hirvonen, who will be co-driven by Jarmo Lehtinen.

“The last two years were really good for myself and Jarmo, but although we will take a lot of good memories with us, we didn’t necessarily achieve what we set out to do. Joining M-Sport will give us a good chance to try again – a fresh start in a car we know we can be competitive in. We are motivated to win, and we are in the best possible place to do that.”

It never seemed like he was comfortable at Citroen, resembling his Subaru days more than his Ford days. It will hopefully be nice to see him battling for the championship again.

I'm kind of surprised by the line up M-sport was able to put together for 2014, along with Hirvonen they have Robert Kubica and Elfyn Evans.