WIP Hillclimb German "Käshofer"

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  1. wollev45


    Watch out to my new project named "Kaeshofer"

    "German ADAC Bergcup in Homburg/Käshofen" is a Real track.
    The track is generated only with Bobs track builder and 3dsimed and it comes with ~90% to the orginal track

    Download and Info (German langauge) http://www.u-g-f.info/index.php?page=Thread&postID=27251#post27251
    Check out the first post for the newtest version.

    I use BTB pro and Evo.
    The track is also available for rFactor, GT-Legends and Race07.
    Timecount is full funktional.
    Watch out my Youtube videos !

    Greetings from Germany !
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