Hidden Keys in GTR2 (usefull things to know)

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    Posting this mainly for the newcomers to the game, following a similar thread in NoGrip.
    There are some "hidden" keys in the game which, I suppose, the more veteran players of GTR2 are already well aware of.
    Many of these keys are referenced in the 'Training' section of GTR2, so they aren't all really "hidden keys" but, well, there you go.
    Of course, the following applies only to the default controls and key/bindings assignments (which you can change/reassign as you like).


    Insert: change onboard view with motec still working
    Home: change view of the car in different angles arround it. (motec doesnt work)
    Page Up : swing cam, view the car from the back or any side you want just by pressin in the numpad 8,2,4,6 for direction , 7 and 9 for distance , 5 to reset the swing cam angle (exactly behind the car). Also if in a replay dont want to se the car moving , keep pressed one of 7,9,2.
    Please note that in replays motec and gauges won't work.
    Page Down : view the car from the track cameras
    Delete : make disappear the "Replay" overlay and the time (seconds) references while watching a replay.
    Up, Down, Right, Left (arrow) keys: when viewing a replay, these will rewind, fast-forward, superfast and pause the replay.
    - or + (in numpad) to change the car in focus.

    0 and . (in numpad) for slow and very slow motion in replay (press and hold one of them each time).
    Numpad Enter : return the view to your own car.
    Left Shift : switch view to bumper cam.

    Pressing space bar will skip the "Grid walk" that the camera makes before the start of an offline race.

    F keys - Driving Assists:

    F1 - Steering
    F2 - Braking
    F3 - Stability
    F4 - Spin Recovery
    F5 - Damage On/Off
    F6 - Automatic Shifting
    F7 - Traction Control
    F8 - Anti-lock brakes
    F9 - Autoclutch On/Off


    F12 : screenshot, .BMP image file in the installation folder.
    (you can also press
    PrintScreen but you have to open mspaint or some other image editor to see it)

    Ctrl + F
    : show framerate in the game.
    Ctrl + G : Play the game in slow motion, like slowing the time.
    K : accelerates time in game.
    TAB : display multiplayer names
    ALT-F : resets the Force Feedback to default values. (note: this will revert any custom FFB settings you may have placed)

    LMB (and drag mouse forward/backwards): adjusts the horizontal seat positioning in cockpit view.
    RMB (and drag mouse forward/backwards): adjusts the vertical seat positioning in cockpit view.

    CTRL + LMB (and drag mouse forward/backwards): decreases/increases the FOV (Field Of View) for all views.

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