Help wanted: Rudskogen Motorpark (Gatebil) - Old version

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by fsr, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Hi guys. A few years ago I started a project that I never finished. I wanted to capture the old Rudskogen in Norway, before they tore it down and built the new one. Having raced there for years and worked there as a racing instructor, I knew the track like the back of my hand. I had aerial photos, elevation maps, videos and texture images and ended up with a pretty accurate track layout and surface. However, my limited skills and the limitations of zmodeler made it hard to finish the project. I got a beta version ready for Racer, but that's it. In order to finish this track for rFactor I could really use some help!

    The goal is to make the track as up to date as possible. It's not laser scanned, but I will say it's not far off in terms of accuracy. However, there's still missing terrain, track objects and low poly kerbs and corners that could use some improvement. Now the question is: Would anyone be interested in helping me finish this project? I'd be happy to make some track objects and oversee the project, but I need someone with experience and skills way beyond my own to do this track justice.

    Rudskogen, as some of you may know, has become rather famous for the crazy Gatebil events. My goal was to capture the atmosphere from the event and have a good amount of spectators and a full paddock. I can provide plenty of pictures and videos for reference.


    Here's what I've got so far. Really hope to get in touch with someone who share my enthusiasm for this project

    For more information, please send an email to