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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ivan Kaloyanov, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Ivan Kaloyanov

    Ivan Kaloyanov

    As the new press director, I feel as it is time to open up slots for roles in the press and media departments. I ask for ALL current members of the press/media departments to respond here stating which role they want to fulfill. In addition, anyone else who may be interested in writing articles/ making videos should respond here as well. The available roles are as follows:

    WT Reporter: Responsible for writing AT LEAST one race review for each World Trophy race. Any additional articles will be greatly appreciated.

    WS Reporter: Responsible for writing AT LEAST one race review for each World Series race. Any additional articles will be greatly appreciated.

    At least four WC Reporters to split up the following work:
    - One race Pre-view containing track facts of the coming grand-prix and a quick recap of championship plus any recent events in FSR
    - One race Review
    - One Press Conference which will be reproduced from the broadcast
    - One Team/Driver Interview for weekends without a grand prix (contact me for more information on this)

    At least one more media producer to work together with Simon Adebisi at producing FSR videos

    Commentators and Cameramen to help on the broadcasts

    Of course, if any of these positions are filled and anyone wants to participate, something can be worked out. After all, we could always use more helping hands.

    REMINDER: Anyone interested in more information on roles in these FSR departments should contact me at my MSN:
  2. Ondrej Kuncman

    Ondrej Kuncman

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  3. Dennis Hirrle

    Dennis Hirrle

    First of all though, we should have the top-3 of WC at least (WS and WT are more than welcome as well after their races) in the broadcast booth for an audio interview. We can also interview other than top-3 drivers, no problem. Team managers and even guests are welcome as well. Don't be so shy :)
  4. Muhammed Patel

    Muhammed Patel

    Well Ondrej, would be happy to do it immediately after the races. I normally have the press conference available the day after, but it is released later as takes some time for all of the people to answer the questions. But yeah, if the top 3 guys are available after the race i would be happy to do the questions then.
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