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Help me understand customizing CM racing grid

Hope I can explain this. I'm trying to setup an F1 quick race grid for the RSS Formula 2021. I downloaded the community custom skin pack so that I have the actual 20 teams. For opponents, I set it at 20 and then chose the RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 and set the number to 20 thinking it would see 20 skins and choose all of them. Unfortunately it sometimes chooses the same skin twice. So I went under the Details Section and chose individual skins for each opponent. That got me separate skins for each opponent with no skin picked twice, but the starting grid order is always the same.

How do I setup a quick race grid that will pick each opponent skin only once, but will randomize the starting grid order when I don't feel like running a qualifying session? Thanks...
There's probably a better way than this, and it's not randomising the grid automatically but if you choose grid type 'custom' you can manually move the cars to whatever grid spot you like by left click and drag. You will have to manually add the ai though just by clicking on the same car 20 times to fill the grid.
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