[Help] How to access s1 cars and tire options

I'm convinced I'm missing the glaringly obvious, as AC's UI is otherwise very intuitive, but I have no idea to choose, or even view, the upgraded s1 cars. In fact, I'm not even sure exactly what they are.

I've also read about the availability of multiple tire compounds, but have no idea where these options are.

Finally, I've seen numerous references to an E30 M3 DTM variant, but am only able to choose the road car or Group A variants. Is the DTM variant equivalent to other models' s1 option?

Embarrassed as I am having to ask about this, I'd really like to access all the game has to offer. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, you'll see it really is quite simple, but not a clear cut as you may hope for...

First you need to hover your mouse over the car you want to drive, without clicking. You'll see some icons pop up in the box for that car.

Secondly, click on the one with the wrench/tachometer drawing. You'll be brought to a different window. Select the version you want, click the back arrow to the left of the versions icon, and start the game as usual.

And now for tire options. You'll find that not every car has different compounds that you can use.

Before you click to start driving, you'll see the icons on the left of the screen. Click the wrench icon, and you'll see the setup options.

Click the Tyres tab, and the menu will scroll.

You can then use the left and right arrows on the bar labeled Compound to scroll through the available options.

Then just click the wheel icon as usual, and drive away!

The DTM E30 is a step variant that you will find by following the above steps, but with the Group A. And don't worry about being embarrassed as that's what the forum is for. :)

Hope that answers everything, and happy racing. :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much!

I'm not sure why I never clicked the wrench icon, but I guess I assumed it simply offered setup options.

Two quick questions, if you don't mind?

To add E30 DTM liveries (that will be viewable in the showroom), do I need to add to add them to the Group A directory as well?

Finally, is the E30 DTM the only step variant with a real world label (as opposed to the s1 suffix)?

Thanks again for your help!

No problem! Always glad to help :thumbsup:

And as for the liveries, no. You just need to add DTM liveries to the DTM folder. The different step versions are completely independent cars everywhere, but the selection menu.

And re the real car variants, I think it is the only one that actually exists. Though some of them allude to real cars, like the 458 S3 mimics the challenge car in real life.