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Help, Graphic problem and i am going to go Mad!!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mark Johnston, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Mark Johnston

    Mark Johnston

    hey guys,

    Just got a new Graphics card (Nvidea 460gtx) and I am having a nightmare!

    Works fine on Race07 and in rfactor but only in Meganes on say the BROS server with more than 28 cars!, also fine with F1 1988.

    However when i play in any others mods like Porsches, GP2 or Touring Car legends i have a problem,

    it is Superb up until there is more than about 10 cars then 1 car will look really messes up, not only that but the messed up graphics will drag all across the screen making it impossible to drive.

    I have a friend who is very good with computers and he reckons my Graphics card is too new for rfactor and that i will just have to wait untill rf2 is released! in fear of that i am thinking off putting old card back which i don't want to do. :( He also says that Nvidea have stopped supporting rFactor? which is just great!

    Tried lots of drivers and all setting I can find, all temp's are fine and i am think now of buying a playstation!!!
    Please somebody help me before i take this PC and smash it of a bridge!!
    have attached photos,
    Regards Mark J

    GRAB_003.JPG GRAB_002.JPG GRAB_006.JPG
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Definitely some rendering issues there. I have seen that most from bad drivers, but you say that you have tried lot's of different ones so that is most likely not the case. I am not real familiar with nVidia, but is there an option to use only DX9? There should also be some advanced settings that you can put tick marks on for troubleshooting such as force tri-linear filtering and things like that. One other thing that might be coming into play is the chip set used by your motherboard. Do you know if your board was designed for nVidia or ATI specifically?
  3. Wietse Visser

    Wietse Visser

    like jim is saying its prolly in most cases the drivers of the vidcard:D.... try find a older version of the driver you can find em with a little bit of search.

    But before you do that try setting up Rfactor for only DX9( or even 8 if 9 doesnt work).... maybe your vidcard is trying to use DX 11 or 10 (as its build for it) on Rfactor wich is DX9 or 8. When you install Rf you get an option for wich Dx you want to use 8 or 9. There should be a config thingy next to Rfactor.exe in the game folder

    looks like your friend knows ( a little) about he was talking but didnt know were to look for :D
  4. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    Try removing the driver again...this time around, use Revo uninstaller to also remove any hidden files associated with the driver. Then restart in safe mode and run driver sweeper. Do a manual search for Nvidia. If nothing is found, then restart. You'll need to cancel the default Microsoft driver installation during the first restart from Safe Mode. Install the latest Nvidia driver.
  5. John Bowman

    John Bowman

    I would also get the latest Direct X Redist from microsoft.
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