Helmet Request...Whats the point???

Hello everyone!,

Just wondering, can someone give me information regarding my helmet request.

I mean, whats the point of making helmet requests if nobody informs you that it is being made!.

Any info regarding this would be appreciated.


(By the way, my helmet request was for 2010 Vettel Abu Dhabi)
You just have to wait, I I even made a demand(request) which(who) stayed without answer and nevertheless I participate actively in the improvement of games(sets). I thank moddeur, I am very active on the forum.

I have to realize that 3 ask for staff and for two of them my price(prize) only 2 hours..

To conclude, it is necessary to be lucky to have its request granted(tuned).

for the request, I walk in the favorite,
Wow, lol...that's bold, OP.

You could always do what I did. Start in the Modding Info thread and download some basic modding tools, get a monthly run of photoshop (you don't have to buy the whole program-even the trial gets you 30 days for nothing) and learn to mod yourself. Having been here a short time, even I see that the current modders help people learn more than anything else. I have discovered all the tools I need here, listened to all these willing and helpful peeps here for ?'s and I started modding my own stuff, usually with stuff here as a base for my own game. It takes less than one day to begin to learn how to mod your own game. Don't know about you but that seems a wee bit better than being irritated about a request not getting filled. Then maybe WE the downloaders and users of these fine, modder-made goodies can actually contribute BACK to the community one day.

Anyways, my two cents.

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