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Head movement.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Stelios, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Stelios


    Evening all, i recently played some game stock car and i want to discuss something that i found really cool.

    The head movement of the driver while in cockpit mode (duh)

    I would love to know if there is any way to replicate the head movement of the driver in from games such as GSC Rfactor 2 in Assetto Corsa
    I really love the way the head moves with the g-forces, i just think it looks really really good. It also helps me understand what the car is doing better.

    Before you mention Plugin Real Head Motion, let me tell you that i have tried it and
    1) it has a gazillion settings and
    2) after trying to tweak it, i couldn't replicate what i get in the previously mentioned games.
    3) Running it was a PITA since i had to launch a couple of apps

    Maybe its improved now, but i surely prefer a 1st party solution or tweak...

    Mod edit - Text edited to make the post clearer. As the thread was orginally moved from the Assetto forum to the GSC forum because it was mis-interpreted. :)
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  2. roby13


    for realheadmotion try this ini file


    set plr file as suggested by realheadmotion creator and in vehicle's camera file (start with one as a test) find "cockpit" section (usually second) and change the below line to the respective values:

    OrientationRate=(16, 999.000, 36)

    oti apories steile mhnyma
  3. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports Premium

    Can't argue with ya, I personally think it's one of the best under rated features in the game. It ties in with the ffb beautifully and gives you a great sense of what the cars doing

    I simply copied the head motion file from a car in gsc and applied it to rfactor....worked fine....just over write or delete the rfactor head motion.
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  4. Lawndart


    I have an issue with AC's car motion in driver fov, it looks like your on a boat... I too would like a real head motion locked to pov... The more violent the more immersive to me.

    When I race cars in real life, my head moves a lot, after a race my neck is more sore than anything else... Truth be told, I've even tightened my hans (version with lateral support) to support my head for endurance racing... (Slightly resting my forehead in my helmet on straights) Some race cars are even so loud my eye balls vibrate at certain rpms... Combined with aggressive blister strips and it can be unsettling. But that might not make a very gamy feature...
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  5. Andy Kettler

    Andy Kettler

    I found out that there is a head motion app included in my AC installation and i can´t find it in the assettocorsa\apps\python folder... Don´t know where it comes from... Does somebody know how it works and how to get it working ? Could not find anything about it on a quick google search... Played a bit around but nothing happend... Only noticed that the settings where back to default when rejoining the with same car / track again...

  6. Nuno Pinheiro

    Nuno Pinheiro

    Wrong answear :)
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