Hamilton dominates title decider

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  1. Jordan Wilkins

    Jordan Wilkins

    After a long wait of 6 years, Lewis Hamilton this afternoon was once again crowned Formula 1 world champion, after dominating today's title deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. After what must of felt like the longest race weekend of his life so far, Hamilton can be content tonight knowing he is now a two time F1 world champion.

    After Rosberg landed the first blow yesterday by comfortably claiming pole by 0.4 of a second from Hamilton, everything seemed to go his way today from the start. As the lights went out Hamilton made what looked to be his best ever start, as he shot of the line like a bullet whilst Rosberg bogged down and was lucky to keep his 2nd into Turn 1.

    Hamilton was quick to open a lead of around 2 seconds in the opening laps, as Rosberg looked settled in 2nd. It wasn't long before pitstops began as Fernando Alonso was the first of the leaders to pit from 5th on lap 5, rejoining well down. A lap later and those around Alonso such as Jenson Button, Daniil Kvyat and Kimi Raikkonen all pitted to cover Alonso.

    After his pit stop Alonso was immediately frustrated by the back marker Will Stevens in his F1 debut for the revived Caterham team. Alonso eventually passed him on the back straight, but not before hilariously asking on his team radio "who is he?". By lap 9 the recovering Red Bull duo of Sebastien Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo were making remarkable progress into the fringes of the top 10 after the pit stops.

    By lap 10 it was clear Lewis Hamilton was on a mission today as he opened a gap to Rosberg of roughly 2.5 seconds as he looked comfortable out in the lead. At the end of lap 10 Hamilton was the first AMG Mercedes driver to pit, rejoining 3rd. A lap later and it was Rosberg's turn to pit, rejoining behind Hamilton in 3rd.

    At this point the attention was focused on a thrilling battle between Jean Eric Vergne in the sister Scuderia Toro Rosso and Daniel Ricciardo in the main Red Bull team. After a few laps Ricciardo was eventually able to pass ex-teammate Vergne as he continued his charge up the order. On lap 13 Felipe Massa in the Williams pitted from the lead, rejoining behind the two AMG Mercedes but well ahead of the rest of the field.

    A keen battle was developing at the early stage of the race between Kevin Magnussen in the McLaren, Sebastien Vettel, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso over 7th place, something which sums up the unpredictability of the 2014 season with these distinguished names fighting over 7th. Back at the front Hamilton's lead was at 2.9 seconds now over Rosberg by lap 22.


    Vettel was the first of the front runners to pit for a second time on lap 22, although the pivotal moment of the race came in the next few laps as Nico Rosberg slowed his pace slightly from lap 24 onwards. The gap to Hamilton quickly built to 7 seconds, before it was announced Rosberg was suffering from a failed MGU-K engine part. This left him 160 BHP down as he sensed his title hopes slipping away.

    A few laps later Felipe Massa demoted Rosberg to 3rd as he continued to struggle with the loss of power. An entertaining battle developed on lap 30 after the second pit stops, as Jenson Button came out just ahead of Alonso, with their battle showing the best of both drivers race craft, before Button out braked himself going into Turn 9 and allowed Alonso past.

    With Hamilton looking good for the title, he turned down his engine and subsequently began losing several seconds a lap to Massa behind him. Hamilton pitted for the second time on lap 31, rejoining comfortably 2nd. On lap 33 Valtteri Bottas in the second Williams demoted Rosberg to 4th, before Rosberg pitted for the second time and dropped to 7th a lap later.

    Bottas was charging after his second stop to challenge Daniel Ricciardo for 3rd on lap 40. Rosberg's race was just going from bad to worse as he brakes started failing as he was stuck in the lower top 10. After a long stint in the lead Massa pitted for the final time on lap 43, hoping a short stint on the super soft tyres would be enough to challenge Hamilton for the win. Massa began a sterling charge as he set successive fastest laps to close the gap from around 10 second to just 2.5 in the later laps.

    Unfortunately for Massa he couldn't quite close Hamilton enough to challenge for the victory as Hamilton cruised home to claim his 11th victory of the year and his second world title, with Felipe Massa close behind in 2nd. His Williams team mate Valtteri Bottas completed the podium to finish off a great day for the resurgent Williams team, who will look to carry their performance over to 2015.

    4th was an amazing result for Daniel Ricciardo, arguably the biggest surprise of 2014 as he has out matched team mate Sebastien Vettel all year to claim 3rd in the drivers standings. Jenson Button was a crucial 5th for McLaren in their fight with Sahara-Force India for 5th in the constructors standings. This may well have been Button's last race in F1, although I sincerely hope he can remain in F1 as he seems better than ever in the late stages of the season.

    Nico Hulkenberg ended the season with a late super soft charge up the field to finish 6th for Sahara-Force India, with newly confirmed team mate for next year also Sergio Perez behind him in 7th in what is a great result for the team which has struggled in the second half of the season. Reigning champion Sebastien Vettel ended his Red Bull career with a lowly 8th place finish, which is not in any way a fitting end to a partnership which has yielded 4 consecutive world titles, Vettel will be hoping he can win more title with Ferrari from next year.

    Fernando Alonso finished his Ferrari career with a 9th place finish, before he is likely to re-join McLaren for next season, with team mate Kimi Raikkonen completing the top 10 in what has been a difficult season for the 2007 world champion. That wrapped up a great season of Formula 1, with a worthy champion and plenty of close racing. Hopefully the talk of financial changes will go through to help the smaller team become more sustainable.

    Everyone now has to wait until January next year to get their next fix of F1 after the post-season test in Abu Dhabi tomorrow and Wednesday. So what have your thoughts been on both the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the 2014 F1 season? Please Comment below.
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  2. Andy_J

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    When you think about it, it has been a great season with the championship being decided at the very last race. Yes the new cars have caused a lot of problems with reliability and other things but hopefully next year will see a return to louder cars, better looking noses and even better racing. I look forward to it.

    On a side note, we must still give thought to Jules Bianchi and his family. A bad year for them.
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  3. theravenousbeast


    Apart from some adjustments with the DRS speed advantage, I wouldn't change anything. The racing was great for F1 standards, new star drivers emerged, the cars looked more difficult to drive than ever and we ended up with a worthy champion. What more do you want? Yes, the Mercs dominated but behind them there was rarely consistency between the other teams' performances.
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  4. Guillermo Martinez

    Guillermo Martinez

    Agree I thought it was a good season, good close racing all throughout the field even though the Mercedes were on a class of its own. The low point of the season of course was Japan hope to hear some good news on Jules soon and wish him a full recovery. Congrats to Lewis on his second World Championship best driver all year long he truly deserves it. Can't wait for next season to start hopefully the rest of the field can catch up. Would love to see Alonso, Bottas, and Ricciardo each get a strong car next year so all three could challenge for the title especially Ricciardo and Bottas who both impressed me a lot this season.
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  5. Ravanor


    Thought the season was really good, like how the last race played out, was at the COTA race and it was very exciting. My excitement comes from McLaren and possibly Alonso joining them with a Honda power plant and lastly for the upcoming American team in F1 for 2016 hopefully. All in all I hope they get the sound better, didnt even need ear plugs at COTA but love the change in technology which has made the season more exciting. Hope to see the lower funded teams survive, always have to be someone at the back of the pack up I was jumping for joy when Marussia won a constructors point earlier in the year! That was the highlight for me!
  6. Mikko Lashay

    Mikko Lashay

    Many congrats to Lewis for an amazing drive throughout the whole season. It's also noteworthy the work he put in strengthening his mentality so as emotions don't get the better of him, which is often the trade-off in someone being so talented. Huge respect to Nico for being so gracious in defeat which sometimes is as difficult and remarkable as is winning.
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  7. Jordan Wilkins

    Jordan Wilkins

    Like everyone has said I agree it's been an amazing season for F1 with some great racing and stars emerging e.g Bottas and Ricciardo. Also kudos to Mercedes for letting their drivers race all year, even after Spa. Next year should be thrilling with Alonso in a McLaren, Vettel in a Ferrari and the two Mercedes drivers battling it out again
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  8. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson

    Ome of the better seasons comes to an end. Good work on pushing the rules (and flexing them a bit) from Merc and Daimler. Well deserved wins, for the tech they have engineered. They left the other teams in the dust all season. Would be interesting if it ever leaks what they have been running, to gain the advantage... My bet is on the ERS unit being a bit "different" :)

    Also great temper by Ham bringing it home safely in the end, despite a shaky start of the year.

    Star of the year for me is not him though. Not even my personal fav Alonso (who did amazing as usual, with some really clever driving). No. Star of the year in my book is definitely Bottas. He brought that Williams to the podiums again and wrestled some crazy laps out of it over the year.

    He is one to watch for sure.

    As for the coming silly season and prep for next year... My bets right now are on Honda running away with it, from right under the noses of Daimler, unless there is a change of engine regs again (Bernie seems to want V8s back again in some sort of strike of late remorse)...

    Honda is INSANELY competetive as a company. Any sporting activity they engage in, they will pull all stops and do anything on earth to win. They also have some of the worlds best engineers.

    If McLaren can bring up their end and actually produce an aero package that can hold it on the track, then Hondas sheer determination and very deep pockets will win them races...
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  9. smasha


    Best season in years.

    Loved it.

    May it continue next year.

    Congrats to Lewis Hamilton, deserving World Champ.

    We saw a change in Lewis demeanor around after the midpoint of the championship, a calmer ,more focused driver and that I believe is what helped him to win this WC.

    He didn't get flustered or worked up like early in the season and was more calm in stressful situations.

    Showed a real maturity which earned the World's respect.
    Well done Lewis.

    Rosberg has my respect also.

    Great sportsmanship after all the hassles he had with his car.
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