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Hamilton cruises to victory in China

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chloe Hewitt, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Chloe Hewitt

    Chloe Hewitt

    Hamilton Chinese Grand Prix GP F1 Formula One.jpg

    Lewis Hamilton took a controlled victory to win in China and extended his championship lead to 13 points over Sebastian Vettel, but the race ended disappointedly as it was the sixth race in Formula One history to finish behind the safety car.

    The Briton drove the race with pace still in hand, unleashing the pace of his Silver Arrow at each round of pitstops, which even teammate Nico Rosberg had no answer for. It appeared that Hamilton was driving at a pace to keep the Ferrari's at arms length while eking out his tyre life to optimise his strategy.

    Rosberg, finished second behind his teammate; but was not happy with Hamilton. In the post race press conference the German accused Hamilton of intentionally trying to back him up into the chasing Vettel - which the latter denied.

    Sebastian Vettel finished his third race as a Ferrari driver with a third podium finish; however this might not have been the result, had the safety car not have been called due to Max Verstappen's stranded Toro Rosso, as teammate Kimi Raikkonen was quickly gaining on the German with tyres which were four laps younger.

    It was another average race for Williams with Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas finishing fifth and six respectively, after having not featuring heavily in the race other than at the race start.

    Romain Grosjean finished in seventh to claim his and Lotus' first points of the season - which he later dedicated to good friend and fellow Frenchman Jules Bianchi. Teammate Pastor Maldonado had to retire from the race after suffering a collision with Jenson Button (who was penalised for the incident post race).

    Sauber carried on their fine form with Felipe Nasr finishing in eighth, and teammate Marcus Ericsson finished in tenth after racing against Sergio Perez for much of the race.

    It was yet another race to forget for Red Bull after Daniil Kvyat had to retire due to an engine failure - further reinforcing the issues with the Renault engine. Daniel Ricciardo finished in ninth place to score two points for the team.

    It is worth noting, although they finished in 12th and 14th it was a good day for McLaren with both drivers seeing the chequered flag for the first time this season - still no points but signs of progress for the team.

    The skill and talent of rookie Max Verstappen continues to be evident with yet another great performance which included overtakes on Ericsson and Sergio Perez - it was a great shame that it ended in a retirement for the young Dutchman that brought about the safety car that brought an anti climatic end to the race.

    Nico Hulkenberg was the last of the non-finishers, retiring on lap 6 due to a gearbox failure.

    Final results:
    1. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Nico Rosberg
    3. Sebastian Vettel
    4. Kimi Raikkonen
    5. Felipe Massa
    6. Valtteri Bottas
    7. Romain Grosjean
    8. Felipe Nasr
    9. Daniel Ricciardo
    10. Marcus Ericsson
    11. Sergio Perez
    12. Fernando Alonso
    13. Carlos Sainz Junior
    14. Jenson Button
    15. Will Stevens
    16. Roberto Merhi
    17. Max Verstappen (DNF)
    Pastor Maldonado
    Daniil Kvyat
    Nico Hulkenberg

    The next race is next weekend in Bahrain where the support series GP2 will be racing for the first time this season.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
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  2. Youssef Karam

    Youssef Karam

    The race was pretty boring. Hamilton started on pole and finished first. Maldonado didn't crash even though he was sloppy as usual (The Button-Maldonado incident wasn't even considered as a crash, you can check it on HasMaldonadoCrashedToday.com :roflmao:). I hope that next weekend will be more exciting!
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  3. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    It depends where you expect the excitement. It's certainly not going to exciting at the front of the field where Mercedes (and Ferrari?) are way ahead of the rest.

    The midfield however was pretty exciting today and also during the last couple of races. Must give kudos to the TV director for showing these battles during the first three races of the year so far.

    Would have been a boring parade if only the AMG boys would have had all the airtime.
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  4. Matt Goodman

    Matt Goodman

    That site just made my day! ha ha ha ha
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  5. Ho3n3r


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