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Cars Halfords Staff Christmas Go Karting Trophy 1.1

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Jan 7, 2013
Gijs van Elderen submitted a new resource:

Halfords Staff Christmas Go Karting Trophy - Based on the ISI Karts

Halfords Staff Christmas Go Karting Trophy

KZ1 - Specs:
  • 175 kg
  • +/- 45 bhp
  • 6 Speed Gearbox (Vortex RVXX ratio's)
  • Various end-ratio's
- Use your foot-clutch or assign a shifter paddle to the clutch.
- Or use "Auto-Clutch" (F11) to simulate the slip-clutch.

These karts are very fun to drive on all those small tracks you probably would never race at with a GT-Car... ;)

Mod is "Get...
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Jan 7, 2013
It's great, thanks!
The reverse isn't working though, is that a known issue?
Go-karts don't have a reverse. ;)

When you are stuck to a wall follow the instructions in the message box: Hold the downshift to "push" the go-kart back.

Have fun. :)


I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened
Dec 21, 2014
Hey Gijs (and fellow Dutchman :D )

I just bought Rfactor 2 and saw this video somewhere on the web. First of all, Amazing job man i drive these Mental KZ1 machines in real life to, and i must say pretty darn close!

Where can i download Genk International? It's my favorite karting track!

Keep up the good work :D

And more karts in the future maybe? :D

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