H-shifter and RBR 2014 problem

I just installed RBR 2014 and everything works fine, except for the H-shifter;

- I installed the H-Shifter plugin- v 3.0 (unzipped the shifter.dll to my RBR2014\Plugins folder)
- also installed the required patch 1.02 SSE
- Configured my controls in the game by going to Options->Plugins->RBR H-Shifter
- Switched from automatic to manual ingame

But when I start a race, and try to put my h-shifter to first gear, nothing happens...

Did I forget something importent to do what I have seem to forgotten? I have used the H-shifter with no problems in RBR 2012/13...
I don't have an H shifter and am new to RSRBR so I might be saying something stupid. But since you didn't get a response for a few days I thought it was worth the shot:

You said you have changed your gear setting from auto to manual in-game, but have you done so under options/preferences/settings (can't remember which) in RSCenter as well? Because that's where you ought to set it.

Edit: You'll get something like this and it's there under "transmission" that you should set to manual, not in-game.