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GTR2 and P&G - (temporary) online lobby fix

With the recent shutdown of the SimBin lobby (for maintenance?), both leagues and public servers of GTR2 and P&G are having problems.

The solution for now is to activate the Pielsbierbude GTR2 lobby for online racing with GTR2 and P&G, both by the server host and the clients.
It works exactly the same as the SimBin lobby, and this will be a perfect solution untill that other one is back (if it gets back, that is).

For those confused and not knowing what to do, just download the ZIP file from the link below and follow the simple instructions provided.

>> GTR2_PIELSBIERBUDE_LOBBY_FIX(with Simbin backup files).zip <<

EDIT: the SimBin GTR2 lobby is back online, so if you're using this alternative, you may be better reverting again to the Simbin backup files. (as per instructions provided in the file)
If you never used this alternative, then there's no need to use it unless it's specified by the host that runs the GTR2 or P&G server.

No need to postpone or cancel online racing events of GTR2 and P&G.

See you online! :)

PS: For the curious, Pielsbierbude are the same dedicated people of Altbierbude, having also the GT-Legends lobby working for that game for quite some time now.

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