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Rui F. Martins

@Rupe Wilson i'm not using the 800degree on the wheel, i'm using the default rotation degrees, what should i do to the steering lock? or is there anything else i should change?

my wheel rotation is, rougly 100º to each side, i'm not sure what is the exact value, is there a way to see it?
I'm using the 55 jaguar setup
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Apart from a few changes to the steering lock and brake pressure/bias this is mostly made up by Warren. Obtained a pole/race win with this set up.
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hello I put the folder structure where there are other structures that I saved but these arrangements lotus elan 26r does not see them why?
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Hi all,
Is there a setup available for the Mazda RX3, I am a right foot breaker so I like a good diff setup. Has anyone controlled that little beast?
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