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GT Legends and Windows 7

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Demigawd, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Demigawd


    Does anyone know how to get GT Legends to work in Windows 7. I have tried all the updates to make it work in Vista but they won't work in Windows 7. I get this driver is blocked due to incompatability.

    I have also checked on the Starforce website and it says that all programs using Starforce 3.07 and lower will not be supported in Windows 7 and they recommend contacting the publisher for an update. Only problem is 10Tacle Studios seems to no longer have a website I assume this is due to bankruptcy. Is there a way to contact Simbin for support on GT Legends? The support link on the Simbin site for GT Legends routes you to the 10Tacle Studios site which is now just a parked domain.

    I refuse to dual boot a computer just to be able to run one game so does this mean I am just out of luck since Starforce won't support it and 10Tacle Studios is gone?
  2. Ulli Haus

    Ulli Haus

    I read a couple of reports on Windows 7 concerning its compatability with older games. They said that Windows 7 lacks in this aspect which you can confirm apparently. However, I guess you will just need to wait 4 W7 to become established. The same problem existed with Windows Vista and after the first service pack was released many problems were solved!

    Sorry I can't provide you with a suitable recipe, but I think for the time being, you will just need to wait it out :(
  3. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Found this on Altbierbude:post 27744 from Andi


    Maybe this will work?
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