GSC Extreme, Help I'm a Noob!

Hey Guys,

Kept reading all these awesome reviews here and on youtube about this Sim so decided to download it. I installed it but I don't see any of the Newer content like formula cars or carts or anything but the Brazilian 2013 and 2014 Stock Cars. Question is is this normal, do i need to install the other cars and tracks extra? I tried "Gsynch" and that didn't add them. Sorry for the real noobish question. Just based on the 60 minute free trial I am loving all the subtle things the Force Feedback is telling me, think I'm gonna love this game but really want to drive the formula series cars, just thought they came default with the install files from the GSC extreme website!


On the main menu there are arrows; click on them to cycle through the available cars. Many people have also asked the same question (myself included); it is easy to miss.
Question to the clever guys!!! In GTR2 one could get the track record in online mode, is the same available in GSCE? I remember the first thing the guys did when entering a race was to check who was the fastest so far ;)