GSC 2013 Problems/Help required...


Sep 27, 2012
Hello Everyone,

Firstly, i would just like to point out that i am pretty new to GSC2013 and therefor i would ask that you take this into account when giving advice.
Secondly, although my running time with GSC 2013 has been small, in retrospect i have much experience with rFactor, which of course we all know is the base for GSC.

Right, to my questions and views...
Since i have had GSC 2013, i have noticed a significant difference from using Formula Reiza on 'Official' tracks compared to 'user' made tracks/trackpacks.
I have been using Formula Reiza for use on the standard tracks and have had good success, both with results and lap times...However...
I recently downloaded and installed the F1 2012 Track pack, and i simply cannot get anywhere close to the times of the other AI drivers, they are simply far too advanced and there is no way IMHO that no matter how good a setup can be, for that track pack at least, they are ridiculously fast!

Now, i know that obviously using tracks that aren't designed for those 'official' cars to run on will cause differences in performance, but i have literally tried everything to get my times closer to the AI times, with no success.
At the moment, i'm using 96% difficulty. Yes, i could turn the difficulty down but i don't really want to. To give you an example, basically i'm using the RedBull looking car and still i am around 3-4 seconds off their pace with low fuel load!. The best qualifying result i have acheived is 18th(Out of 24).
I am literally at a complete loss as to what to do, so any help/tips would be appreciated!.

Just one other thing...
Although my system is pretty good and i can play almost anything on high/ultra settings, with GSC 2013, there is no way i can have them on max/high settings.
I have set the display options to where they are quite good visuals, however on occasion i get stuttering and sometimes fps lag, but this only really happens when the cars are having contact with each other.

My question is, is this a common fault with GSC or are there fixes?
By the way, i'm running an i5, 8gb Ram(Gaming),ATI RadeonHD 7870 2gb OC. It seems as though GSC and rFactor had the same issues.
The game is running on all cores, high priority, and in high performance mode in AMD catalyst.

Thanks guys!


Warren Williams
Dec 13, 2013
The problem with the AI is an rFactor problem. For downloaded tracks you will be using the AI the track developer created and it may be set up differently in comparison to the AI for default tracks. The only thing you can do is adjust it on each track until it's right for you. You might use 90% on one track but 75% on another. A bit of a pain I know.

In fact the AI overall in GSCE is a bit hit and miss. There behaviour overall is pretty good but the skill level varies between cars and tracks. I recently started a championship for the stocks cars and got a podium on the first race (Interlagos) but was way at the back for the second (Curitiba).

Hopefully Reiza will fix this at some point. (For the default tracks anyway).

Troy Barman

Oct 30, 2010
For converted tracks where the AI is rather slow you can adjust these values in the tracks AIW file to make them faster.

I had to use this to change the AI to be faster mid championship since you cant change their strength during a championship. It takes alot of trail and error to get it right but this is a fairly easy way to make them faster. You change Worst if you are using 80% ai strength, Mid for 100%, and Best for 120% if i remember right.