Cars Grullón GT by ddrmotorsport mod?


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Jul 5, 2017
This is my first post on this forum so Hi I guess.
If this is in the wrong category or against the rules I’m sorry I’m new:c

So, I have been following their instagram and stuff quite some time and yesterday I had a conversation with the ddrmotorsport team. They are a small company which builds their own Supercar. 5.7L V8 you can choose between Auto or 6speed and its not as expensive as you would think here some links: ,

So like I already said I had a convo with them and I was like: You should try to get your Car into a game. For example AC... He liked that Idea and would be Interested in something like his Car as a Mod in AC(would be cool so everyone can experience the car and stuff)

Now the Problem: Im no Modder haha and also I know no one who is able to get something like this done.

So if you are interested to get this car into AC it would be great. Maybe contact them on their insta(linked above) and maybe you can cooperate(like they give you the data of their car).

I have no clue if they will pay something (but I could imagine) I just had a short convo and thought: Hey maybe is someone interested in this since you could cooperate with a real company. If this can’t be done or is unrealistic I’m sorry I don’t have much knowledge in modding.


(Sorry for my bad english, I’m german)